Project Storytime - Create Free Kids Stories 1.4.4

Project Storytime - Create Free Kids Stories 1.4.4


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Date Added:31 January, 2014

Author: Project Storytime LLC

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Experience Project Storytime For Free!
Read & Create new stories together with your children.

We have streamlined the registration process and made it even easier to experience Project Storytime.

Please take the survey inside to let us know how the team can improve. - Thank you !

Check out our commercial to better understand the value of our product for you and your children. We are committed to growing this product in lots of exciting ways!

1 Free Book With Your Purchase "No Time For Night Monsters"
Access to the Story Creator to create your own books!
Theme Assets created by professional children's illustrators
Over 80 Story Creation Assets Available With Your Initial Purchase
Built And Tested With Children
Hours and Hours of Entertainment for You and Your Children

Upgrade to premium and get the Parent's Theme Pack
Remove Ads
Publish More Stories!

-> More Themes Available to Purchase Monthly!
-> More Stories Available to Purchase Monthly!

What makes Project Storytime different?
With Project Storytime You can create books together with your child. Story time becomes a creative and fun learning experience. A child's imagination becomes a new story when you learn with Project Storytime.

Details About Project Storytime

Our fun characters will help your child learn and explore reading in a fun new way!

Story creation through your child™s imagination has never been easier on the iPad. Our innovative Story Creator allows you and your child to build stories together. Your initial purchase gives you access to a dozen specially designed backgrounds, the project storytime characters, pets, and nearly 80 objects to create and craft your story.

Supplement your library with additional books created by our writers.

Supplement your story creations with additional themes to make almost any story imaginable.

The Story Creator
We designed the creator from the ground-up focusing on letting a child's imagination run wild. We studied how children ages 3-8 interact with the iPad and put them to work as our Beta Testers. They loved using our simple and intuitive interface to create their own stories.

Our diverse set of backgrounds, characters, and objects bring reading and creativity to all new heights. Build your story page by page, save your story, publish it and read it on your iPad. We aimed to make the story creator a family activity. Purchase additional asset packs to expand your collection and explore even more creative spaces.

Children & Adults alike love playing in the story creator.

Read Stories
After you create and your story - load up the reader and you can read the story you created.

Purchase additional entertaining and educational stories created by our writers

Upgrade to premium and get the Parent's Theme Pack
Remove Ads
Publish More Stories!

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Systems: iOS

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